Meet the National Breath Center Team

Each and every team member shares Dr. Richard Miller’s vision of providing you with your very best dental experience at each and every visit. Our experienced team is here to serve your needs and is willing to take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have about bad breath, treatment options or what to expect on your visit.

Dr. Richard A. Miller, DDS

Dr. Richard A. Miller DDSDr. Richard A. Miller is a pioneer in the treatment of breath malodor, the #1 expert on clinical halitosis and the founder of the bad breath Total Cure. Since 1993, Dr. Miller has been curing thousands of people from 27 countries suffering from chronic bad breath.  He was recently featured on FOX’s Good Day DC and ABC’s Let’s Talk Live. Read Dr. Miller’s full bio here.

Every day at the National Breath Center, Dr. Miller listens as patients relate personal horror stories of the effects of bad breath — lost promotions because of chronic halitosis, offending co-workers, or lost sales because of offensive breath odors. People who have tried every treatment come to the National Breath Center for a lasting cure that removes the direct cause of bad breath. Dr. Miller believes that if chronic bad breath is ruining your life, you deserve to be freed of this condition. The National Breath Center offers a money-back guarantee on its Total Cure professional treatment.

Nadine Trinh,
Dental Hygienist

Nadine Trinh is a Registered Dental Hygienist with over 20 years of dental hygiene experience. She obtained her graduate degree in dental hygiene from Old Dominion University. Nadine is a member of the American Dental Hygienist Association and Northern Virginia Dental Hygienist Association. She is dedicated to providing optimal hygiene care to all patients.

Nadine grew up in Fairfax County, VA. She has three children and loves reading and physical conditioning.


Karin Dean,
New Patient Coordinator/Breath Counselor

Karin is our new patient coordinator and breath counselor. She started working with Dr. Miller in 1990 and is known for her kind manner and keen attention to detail. She is available to help answer questions you have have about bad breath, treatment options, travel arrangements and more.

Karin and her husband Brian have three children and enjoy attending their sporting events from soccer and football to cheerleading and lacrosse.


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Beating Bad Breath - The Cure
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