Embarrassed by Your Breath?

Do you feel isolated or rejected?

Do you shy away from social encounters?

Do you brush & floss 3-5 times/day with no result?

Have you seen other doctors with little or no result?

If you suffer the Embarrassment, Isolation, or Rejection of Bad Breath

This is the answer for you.

National Breath Center

 Since 1993, the National Breath Center has cured thousands of people from all over the world and has earned the reputation as the “go-to place” for chronic halitosis with a 99% CURE success rate.

A Complete & Permanent CURE for Severe
Bad Breath

The Halitosis Elimination Program® at the National Breath Center featuring

Our Original
Tongue Rejuvenation®

with the

Exclusive Patented Biofilm Removal Instruments®

Most people, including doctors, believe that halitosis comes from the stomach or maybe the sinuses. However, research has shown:

of bad breath is oral

95% of all bad breath comes from the mouth

from the tongue

90% of that comes from the tongue, not the gums

Simply put, the odors of bad breath are concentrated on the tongue in a sticky coating called the biofilm. Our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® totally eliminates the direct cause of bad breath - the biofilm - painlessly and completely.

“I can't believe I found this center to help me get rid of my bad breath. I didn't think it was possible to cure a problem that has impacted my everyday life for so long but the treatment has helped tremendously. On my first visit with Dr. Miller, I was so embarrassed of my breath because I know my bad breath would offend anyone I came in contact with.

The treatments didn't hurt at all. I have followed the maintenance plan and have experienced the results in my life. Thanks again Dr. Miller and your staff for the kindness you have shown me with every visit.”

rose cowan, patient
google review

The National Breath Center CURES Bad Breath with Our Original Tongue Rejuvenation®, part of the Halitosis Elimination Program®

Here are our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® Results

In 1993, Dr. Miller found that bad breath would be cured when ALL the tongue biofilm was removed.

What you see below are the results and scientific evidence of our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® at the National Breath Center – our GUARANTEED process to CURE bad breath.

Before our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® 

Tongue with thick biofilm coating

After our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® 

Pink, healthy tongue - no more biofilm!

The graphs below show the scientific readings of her bad breath odors Before and After our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® treatment and our Halitosis Elimination Program® for this same patient. Note that her extremely high readings (green bars) went to zero - NO ODOR - typical of the results for the last 30 years at the National Breath Center.

Before Our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® 

After Our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® 

Oral-Chroma Results AFTER Tongue Rejuvenation

Our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® can CURE even the most extreme cases of bad breath.

For the last 30 years, our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® technique at the National Breath Center has cured thousands of people. In as little as three office visits (for severe cases) Dr. Miller and his team meticulously remove the biofilm down to the deepest recesses of the tongue. 

The result? A CURE FOR HALITOSIS and a pink, healthy tongue that is more resistant to bacteria.

Is the Halitosis Elimination Program® for Me?

Who It's For

  • Anyone who no longer wants to live with the embarrassment of chronic bad breath
  • Anyone with a serious breath problem that is making their life difficult
  • Anyone who is tired of trying products or home remedies that just don’t work
  • Anyone who has visited other doctors, without getting results
  • Anyone who won’t settle for less than the most comprehensive, proven, and guaranteed cure available

Who It's Not For

  • People with occasional bad breath
  • Current smokers (must be smoke-free for three months prior to treatment)
  • People looking for a short-term solution 

The National Breath Center's Halitosis Elimination Program® is for people who no longer want to live with the embarrassment of bad breath and won’t settle for less than the most Comprehensive, Proven, and Guaranteed CURE available.

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This was the best decision I've made in a long time. I didn't even blink twice at the cost because I'm exchanging years of happiness for a small fee. If you're thinking about doing the treatment, please don't waste any more time looking for products that may help. This has cured me completely.

No more people looking at me weird. Having my life back will always be priceless. The staff members, Bri and Mariah, made this treatment feel like your home. They really care about you and want the best out of this experience for you and your family! All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

TREVOR BELL, patient
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Why Our Original Tongue Rejuvenation®?

This enlarged view of the human tongue shows that bacteria and biofilm can effortlessly infiltrate between the taste buds and hide out in the deepest parts of the tongue. Because they are so deeply embedded only our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® and its unique technology can remove 100% of the biofilm and CURE bad breath.

Our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® is available ONLY at the National Breath Center

Freedom From Bad Breath:
The Halitosis Elimination Program®

"Why is the Halitosis Elimination Program® different than other bad breath treatments?"

Here's why:

As powerful as our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® is, CURING bad breath is not only about removing the biofilm. It’s about giving you PERMANENT FREEDOM FROM BAD BREATH.

Our research has shown the following tests are critical to permanently CURING Bad Breath...

Microscope: Parasites? Amoeba? Bacteria?

Does the microscope reveal parasites, amoeba, or other living organisms that may be causing bad breath?

Scientific Breath Measurements

What are the measurements on the gas chromatograph (Oral Chroma)? 

Do they correspond with the amount and size of the biofilm?

Are there Volatile Sulfur Compounds? Are there Volatile Organic Compounds present?

Culture Results

Which bacteria from your tongue are the cause of your odor?

Does the culture show that yeast could be causing your halitosis?

How is the gut microbiome contributing to your bad breath?

The microscope, gas chromotograph, and bacterial culture are part of our Halitosis Elimination Program examination. These tests help ensure your Life-Long Freedom from Bad Breath.

How is The National Breath Center Different From Other Clinics?

Here are five key reasons treatment at the National Breath Center® is unlike any other treatment center or remedy you’ll come across:


The National Breath Center team has over 50 combined years’ experience CURING bad breath. Dr. Richard A. Miller has devoted his professional career to researching, testing, adapting, and refining techniques to create a cure for bad breath that can be maintained by each patient to last a lifetime. The National Breath Center helps hundreds of people each year close the book on chronic bad breath.


At the National Breath Center®, eliminating bad breath is all we do. That’s it. No other dentistry. We are focused on curing halitosis 100% of every single day. No exceptions. Each patient who comes to the National Breath Center receives actual treatment by our team of professionals who are dedicated to a single goal: eliminating bad breath, one patient at a time.


From the moment you speak with us during your free consultation to the final appointment, you will know that you've finally found people who truly understand how bad breath is affecting your life. Rest assured, no matter how severe the problem, we can cure it - or your money back. This has made the National Breath Center the most sought-after halitosis center in the United States.


It has been our mission since day one to treat each patient with the care and compassion they deserve. After all, living with a chronic breath condition is bad enough. You will notice that every member of the National Breath Center team is committed to curing your bad breath problem and we share your joy, enthusiasm, and excitement as you complete your journey to lifelong fresh breath.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so certain our Halitosis Elimination Program will work for you, that we offer a money-back guarantee – something virtually unheard of in healthcare! How can we do this? First, the success of our program is rooted in science, not products. Second, after more than 30 years of successfully curing thousands from this debilitating condition, we wanted to remove all financial risk for those who choose to invest in their health.

Our Money-Back Guarantee




"If bad breath is causing you distress, please don't believe for a minute that you must live with this. Based on my 30 years' of scientific research and experience, I know that our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® and Halitosis Elimination Program® eliminates the cause of bad breath and keeps it from coming back. I am so confident we can cure you - like thousands of others before - that you have my personal assurance that you will be cured or your money back!"

—Richard A. Miller, DDS

Still Not Sure if Our Halitosis Elimination Program® is Worth Your Time?

We understand if you need more proof. Click to open and review four additional in-depth before and after cases. You will notice that some even show recall exam results, further proving that once cured, bad breath is not coming back!

*The Oral Chroma (gas chromatograph) measures odor molecules in mouth air. Any reading below the yellow horizontal bar (“Threshold”) cannot be smelled or detected by the human nose.

Before & After Case #1

This patient came from San Francisco in 2017, complaining of bad breath that “had caused people to break up with me”. She had been seen by an ENT and a gastroenterologist who found no cause for her breath problem. She had also seen a “breath specialist” dentist in San Diego, with no lasting results, before coming to the National Breath Center. She related that she had tried every mouthwash available, but nothing worked for more than five minutes.

She had significantly high gas chromatograph (Oral Chroma) readings confirming serious odor that was noticeable at the exam. The intra-oral Before photo is a close-up of the biofilm showing that the area that was covered was extremely thick. Treatment was completed and she showed “0” odor at the end. The final photo shows no visible biofilm which is born out in the readings.

As you can see, she decided to return twice since her treatment in July 2017 to have her teeth cleaned. Note that the tests at those visits show no biofilm and that the cure was still successful four years later.

Before & After Case #2

This 31-year-old patient came in 2021 for treatment. He remembered “my teacher in the fourth grade told me she could smell it” his first instance of being aware of his breath problem. He told us that he was shying away from kissing his girlfriend unless he first rinsed with Listerine and that he had “tried every mouthwash available” but nothing lasted. He told us that before coming to our office, he saw “two GI doctors and one ENT” along with his family dentist who told him to just “brush and floss more.” No one was able to help him.

After four visits, the biofilm that had built up for years was totally removed and this patient was cured. Again, note that there were no odor molecules left to measure (the Oral Chroma readings were “0”).

Before & After Case #3

This patient came from Oregon to the National Breath Center for treatment in 2017. He related that his problem had existed for several years causing him embarrassment in social and work situations. He had found the National Breath Center on a google search.

Examination revealed notably high readings of odor on the Oral Chroma (gas chromatograph), with the middle reading seven times over Threshold. The odor on his breath was very noticeable during examination. At the completion of treatment, his tongue showed no visible biofilm, and the Oral Chroma showed no odor that can be smelled by the human nose. His treatment was so successful, he has decided not to return.

Before & After Case #4

Please watch the video of this patient as she talks about her experiences before coming to the National Breath Center®. Her experience is typical of the people we see.

This patient presented to the National Breath Center in November 2019. As can be seen, all readings on the gas chromatograph (Oral Chroma) were well above threshold, 80-85% of her tongue was covered with biofilm and upon examination, her breath smelled like feces. Note the thickness of the biofilm in the Intra-oral Before photo.

You can see that there was no odor present (all readings “0”) at the final treatment visit, or at the six-month visit and 18-month visits when she came for teeth cleaning. 

These are typical results from our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® and Halitosis Elimination Program®. Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

End the Embarrassment of Bad Breath. NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Halitosis Elimination Program really eliminate bad breath for good?

In short, Yes! You will need to perform some simple preventative maintenance, just like you would between dental checkups. It is easy to do and only adds a few minutes to your personal care routine.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

As with many medical procedures, that is hard to estimate without seeing you in person. Before we can determine the number of treatments with certainty, the severity of the problem must be assessed, the extent of the biofilm, and the degree of odor. In many cases even the most severe bad breath can be totally eliminated in as few as three treatment sessions. 

Do you take insurance?

As hard as we've tried over the past 30 years, medical and dental insurance companies never pay for halitosis treatment. No matter how badly this is affecting your life, they categorize it as cosmetic and unnecessary. 

How much does the Halitosis Elimination Program cost?

As you might expect, we can only see a limited number of people each year in order to give 100% of our time and skill to them. The treatment plan fee depends on the severity of your case, and that will be determined after testing at your initial halitosis examination. We understand that our program is not for everyone. But, if you are willing to invest in your health and your future, we will do everything in our power to eliminate bad breath from your life. And with a 99% cure success rate, that is our promise to you. For reference, your investment for a severe case would be similar to 3-4 crowns or complete braces. And, if cost is an issue, we offer financing that allows payment to extend over one year with no interest.

Where is the National Breath Center located?

That National Breath Center is located in Falls Church, VA, just outside of Washington DC. And this is where all of our treatment takes place. There are no other National Breath Center locations. In fact, more than half our patients travel here to see us from all over the US and abroad.

Is the Halitosis Elimination Program guaranteed?

Yes. After curing thousands of people in the last 30 years, we are so certain that our techniques will CURE you of Bad Breath, we GUARANTEE it or your money back. It is the only CURE that comes with a money-back guarantee. In fact, it is so successful we trademarked it.

How do I speak with a breath counselor?

Simply find a date and time that works for you in our online calendar. Or, you may call our office directly at 703-533-0926.

A Final Note From Dr. Richard Miller

I understand that choosing a breath treatment can be difficult. 

  • Will it solve my problem?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Can I afford time off work?
  • Is it permanent?
  • Is it guaranteed?

Everyone who has come to see us has asked those questions. Their answer has always been the same. “Curing my bad breath was worth it.”

How do I know?

Richard A. Miller, DDS
Founder, National Breath Center
Author of Beating Bad Breath - The CURE!

I have spent the last 30 years of my professional career helping people eliminate bad breath from their life. I have seen how bad breath can ruin a marriage and cause divorce; how it can cancel engagements and ruin people’s life. Bad breath makes people hesitant in social encounters and interferes with careers. I have seen all of this.

That is why for the last 30 years I have researched, experimented, and practiced every possible way of eliminating bad breath. But because there is no “one size fits all” approach that yields a permanent cure, I developed our Original Tongue Rejuvenation® and the Halitosis Elimination Program. In fact, I had to invent new instruments solely to cure people of bad breath, instruments available only at the National Breath Center. The result is the most comprehensive, thorough, and the only complete way to guarantee a cure for your problem.

Our goal is simple: YOUR freedom from bad breath. So why take a chance? The National Breath Center® is the one place that is devoted solely to chronic bad breath - we do nothing else. And the only place with a money-back guarantee. We have been curing bad breath for thousands of people from all over the world – one person at a time – for 30 years.

Now is the perfect time to speak with our breath counselor about our Original Tongue Rejuvenation ®and the proven Halitosis Elimination Program® and how you can get your life back. With our money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

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