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Congratulations — you’ve taken the first step to eliminate embarrassing bad breath from your life once and for all! Before booking your phone consultation, follow these 3 steps:

1. Review Our Approach

  • The Total Cure™ featuring Tongue Rejuvenation® is a halitosis elimination program developed by Richard A. Miller, DDS and is performed exclusively at the National Breath Center in Falls Church, VA. Our professional treatment involves a meticulous, hands-on, painless technique that completely removes biofilm – the source of bad breath. This is NOT an over-the-counter remedy and cannot be completed at home.
  • Our team of professionals, led by 30-year halitosis expert Dr. Miller, will diagnose your condition and provide you with a customized treatment plan. Diagnosis and treatment require visiting our office in Falls Church, VA.
  • The National Breath Center guarantees 100% success or your money back.

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Your best life is waiting for you — free from the uncomfortable prison bad breath has held you in. Our expert, knowledgeable and caring team understands what you’re going through and we can help. Use this online booking link or the button below to choose a convenient day and time from our online calendar. Note: Phone consultations are being accepted for US residents only. If you are interested in traveling to the National Breath Center from outside the US, please contact us.

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Cure Severe Bad Breath For Good!

Beating Bad Breath - The Cure
Download your free preview copy of Dr. Richard Miller's book, Beating Bad Breath - The Cure! and learn:
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  • How the tongue's anatomy and bacterial biofilm are connected to bad breath
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