The National Breath Center Difference

With so many claims being made on the Internet and other media for bad breath cures, it can be confusing to separate out the real cure from the so-called “cures-in-a-bottle.” In addition, there are some dental offices that advertise a bad breath cure; however, while offering a diagnosis and products to cure bad breath, no actual treatment is performed to remove the cause of the problem and keep it from coming back.

To cure a halitosis sufferer, the following definition of a cure must be followed:

  • eliminate the problem itself
  • provide the means to keep halitosis from coming back.

You probably know that the bacteria that cause bad breath live in a biofilm on the tongue and under the gums. Any treatment offering a cure MUST remove that biofilm. Because biofilms actually adhere to the tongue and under the gums, they can only be eliminated using manual means – a personalized, hands-on treatment called Tongue Rejuvenation®. That is the key difference in halitosis elimination at the National Breath Center.

How the National Breath Center’s Halitosis Elimination Program Differs From Other Breath Treatments

  • No discernible bad breath when treatment is complete
  • Professional, in-office elimination of the biofilm (cause)
  • Painless
  • Tongue Rejuvenation®  (patent pending)
  • Real cure, not a cover-up
  • Can last a lifetime*
  • Personal program for Home Care
  • Money-back Guarantee

* May need periodic touch-up

We routinely see people at the National Breath Center who have tried many other “cures” but have been left wanting as the so-called cure fades or is not effective. A while back we received an email from an individual who wrote,

“I have had bad breath for over ten years. I have tried everything from mouthwashes to special online products, and last month I even had my tonsils removed to see if that would help the problem but it didn’t. I was looking up different doctors online that could help me with this problem and your offices came up. I was hoping that you would be able to help me with this daily struggle so I can get the most out of my life and not be hindered by this.”

If you have tried most everything and are tired of embarrassing social situations, unable to have close work or social relationships, or tired of letting bad breath ruin your life, you owe it to yourself to check out Tongue Rejuvenation®. We can remove the direct cause of your bad breath and help you live the life you deserve. At the National Breath Center we offer a money-back guarantee on our professional treatment.