Bad Breath Options

options for bad breath treatment
Getting rid of bad breath in the oral cavity is usually done using one of the following methods. The method you choose is most often based on the severity and persistence of bad breath.

Breath Management Products

For people suffering from mild to moderate bad breath (halitosis), they may find that breath management options like over-the-counter products and even natural remedies temporarily alleviate the symptoms of bad breath. We call this a temporary remedy since breath products are only addressing the most recent bad breath bacteria symptoms, not layers that reside deep in tongue and gum tissue. It is important to know that all breath management options are simply covering up the real cause of the problem with a more pleasant odor. In time the products or remedies will be ineffective as the odor-causing sulfur compounds seep through.

Even the next generation of professional strength breath products have limited effectiveness. While they may claim to be 99% effective or even a cure for bad breath, they are only killing bacteria and odors on the very top layers of odorous biofilm. They do not eliminate it.

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Bad Breath Cure

The National Breath Center’s Halitosis Elimination Program is a professional solution for eliminating the direct cause of bad breath — by removing the biofilm coating with our Tongue Rejuvenation®  treatment. It is the biofilms which contain the bacteria that cause bad breath. Since odorous biofilms adhere to the top of the tongue and under the gums, they can only be removed by manual means such as Tongue Rejuvenation performed at the National Breath Center. While more involved and requires a larger investment than other bad breath “cures, ” it is backed by the National Breath Center’s money-back guarantee.

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Which Treatment Option is Right For Me?

We realize that not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Ultimately, choosing a bad breath treatment option will depend on the severity of your bad breath and how much it is affecting your life. Generally speaking, our Halitosis Elimination Program is for individuals who have tried everything to get rid of chronic bad breath without success or for those who are totally fed up with chronic halitosis ruining their life and want to eliminate this embarrassing condition once and for all.

However, when coming to the National Breath Center isn’t an option, you can confidently manage your breath and eliminate the anxiety of being around others with a combination of the most powerful odor-destroying active chlorine dioxide mouthwash available along with Dr. Miller’s Beating Bad Breath treatment protocol. Learn more about bad breath treatment.