Mike’s Bad Breath Story

By Richard Miller

One particular woman that I interacted with daily would not even let me enter her office. I would enter and she would immediately open the window and escort me into the hallway to speak with me there so I didn’t “stink-up the room”.

bad breath on the job

Another time I was working on a last minute rush job project that required me to stay late and work closely with a client, one-on-one in a small room. I, of course, was nervous that my problem would become evident, so much so that I was completely stressing and sweating bullets. So I made sure I spent time brushing and gargling before…and during the after hours work session, not to mention chomping away on some gum the whole time. At the end of the day I recall feeling like all went well with the work and otherwise.

The next day my manager called me in to speak with me, I just figured it was a quick review of the work. He said, “Thanks for staying late and getting the work done…and one other thing, the client had a few words to say about your hygiene…you need to do better.” I was completely mortified! All of my efforts had still equaled a failure. Even after doing excellent work I felt like a total loser.

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About the Author

Richard A. Miller, DDS is the founder and director of the National Breath Center located in Falls Church, VA. General dentist for over 30 years and author of two books, Beating Bad Breath(1993) and Beating Bad Breath -- The Cure!(2014), Dr. Miller has been helping thousands win their battle with chronic bad breath using his proven bad breath Total Cure professional treatment. Learn more at National Breath Center.