Bad Breath Treatment

You may be wondering what to expect when you come to the National Breath Center for treatment. The first thing you should know is that our Halitosis Elimination Program is for individuals who are frustrated with the embarrassment of bad breath and have tried everything to get rid of it — without success.

  • It’s important to understand that Tongue Rejuvenation is a hands-on, in-office treatment program performed by bad breath expert Dr. Richard Miller and his team of professionals. Before the actual treatment, Dr. Miller does a comprehensive halitosis examination in which he identifies and documents all the factors contributing to the breath problem and presents the patient with a treatment plan for complete halitosis elimination. During treatment, Dr. Miller and his team will meticulously and painlessly remove the biofilm coating on the tongue and under the gums – the direct cause of bad breath.
  • In addition, Dr. Miller will provide each patient with an easy-to-follow maintenance protocol for after treatment self-care. When followed, this prevents bad breath from returning and the cure lasting virtually a lifetime.
  • The National Breath Center backs its Halitosis Elimination Program featuring Tongue Rejuvenation® with a money-back guarantee.

 Other Options

If you are looking only to control or manage your breath problem (instead of eliminate it for good), the best products on the market are Active Chlorine Dioxide products like the Supreme Breath products. These professional strength antibacterial mouthwashes and toothpastes will kill the bacteria and neutralize the odors from the top biofilm layers. The downside is that no matter how powerful these products are, the bad breath odor will still seep through in time and people will notice.

Supreme Breath Complete Bad Breath Elimination System. bad breath elimination system active chlorine dioxide This complete bad breath care system contains the most powerful active chlorine dioxide products available for neutralizing bad breath odors on contact, and includes an easy to follow, step-by-step program, personally developed by Dr. Richard Miller. While we believe it is the best product on the market for managing bad breath, like all other available products it only affects the top layers of the biofilm.

 Tongue Rejuvenation® Treatment

The National Breath Center’s Tongue Rejuvenation treatment is the most effective way to wipe out bad breath completely and start living the life you deserve. Tongue Rejuvenation has worked for thousands of men and women who were tired of letting bad breath ruin their life.

Would you like to learn more about our life-changing treatment for bad breath? Schedule a FREE phone consultation with a breath counselor to see if our Halitosis Elimination Program featuring Tongue Rejuvenation is right for you.

Do you have further questions? Take a look at our FAQ page for questions that many people have had regarding bad breath treatment. Interested in seeing pictures or hearing from people who have completed treatment? Take a look at some of our testimonials.