Why the Total Cure?

Eliminating chronic bad breath by the professional removal of the underlying causes is the gold standard. This painless treatment has helped thousands of individuals regain their confidence. The Total Cure results in a lasting solution to the socially crippling problem of chronic bad breath. From the complimentary breath consultation to the initial halitosis examination and finally the Total Cure procedure, our team is committed to every detail to ensure that the cure is 100% successful for you.

A Lasting Solution

At the National Breath Center, the Total Cure is a time-tested (21 years) answer to solving the chronic bad breath dilemma. It has been perfected with years of clinical research, and its powerful protocols are designed to eradicate all kinds of bad breath, no matter how severe.

What the Total Cure Accomplishes

  • Complete elimination of bad breath
  • Prevention of recurring bad breath
  • No more odor!

The key to totally eliminating bad breath is to remove the source of the problem. That is what we do. Through our painless treatment, Dr. Richard Miller and his team will meticulously remove all embedded layers of bacterial biofilm buildup using his Tongue Rejuvenation technique, along with removing any other sources of odor that may be trapped under the gums. At the conclusion of treatment, when breath measurements have confirmed a cure, Dr. Miller will provide each patient with a clear, easy-to-follow daily program for maintaining their newly restored, odor-free mouth. Along with regular brushing and flossing, this maintenance prevents bad breath or bacterial buildup from returning.

We believe so completely that we can eliminate your bad breath problem that we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

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Cure Severe Bad Breath For Good!

Beating Bad Breath - The Cure
Download your free preview copy of Dr. Richard Miller's book, Beating Bad Breath - The Cure! and learn:
  • The actual reason severe breath won't go away, despite trying everything
  • How the tongue's anatomy and bacterial biofilm are connected to bad breath
  • The only guaranteed clinical cure for severe bad breath