Causes of Bad Breath

Almost 95% of chronic bad breath is caused by one common culprit. Watch the video below to find out.

What Biofilm is Made Of

  • the accumulation of dead skin and blood cells
  • live bacteria
  • debris
  • mucous
  • dead bacteria
  • proteins and other digestible bacterial matter

This biofilm is usually very thick because it builds up microscopic layer by layer over time. This biofilm actually adheres to the tongue and under the gums so that it cannot be removed by ordinary means. No breath product (even professional strength products) can successfully penetrate it. They can only neutralize the odor and bacteria in the very top layers which explains their need for continual reuse and their limited effectiveness over time.

If an individual has suffered from severe chronic bad breath for a long period of time, removing only the surface layer of biofilm will never permanently get rid of the odor. This is because the root problem of the odor is not being addressed. Instead, professional, manual removal of the biofilm is necessary to create a lasting solution.

If chronic bad breath has been a problem for years or just doesn’t seem to respond to any measure you’ve taken, why not schedule a Free, No-obligation Phone Call with our breath counselor to see if the National Breath Center’s Halitosis Elimination Program is right for you.

Other Causes of Bad Breath

Occasionally there are medical causes of bad breath. These may include:

  • diabetes
  • uncontrolled acid reflux
  • sinus problems

However, even these have an oral component which is usually the biggest factor in bad breath.

Before starting any bad breath treatment, we encourage you to contact our Breath Counselor for a complimentary phone consultation. She will be able to answer your questions and help you understand the differences between bad breath treatment options.