Sterile Gauze, 2×2 inch, 400 pcs.



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Gauze is the answer to most effectively remove the biofilm (coating) – bacteria, odor, dead cells, debris, and all the foods that bacteria eat to form bad breath. As I do not want non-sterile gauze in my mouth, I personally use the individually wrapped sterile gauze.

At the National Breath Center, sterile gauze is the product we have used for 20+ years to diagnose and treat bad breath. It is also the one we recommend to our patients. It is so highly convenient that when going out, I put a couple in my pocket and that is all I need for the entire day.

(4) 100-pack boxes = 400 pieces.

At the National Breath Center, we use this brand to diagnose and monitor progress and our patients do the same.

For those following the Beating Bad Breath Protocol, gauze is essential to make the biggest difference in your breath.

NOTE: A few things about this brand: first, it is the most reasonable sterile brand to purchase and is the brand that we use at the Center. Second, the manufacturer has cut the top of the box off so that it cannot be sold by retail establishments at a much higher price; third, the sterile gauze are sealed two per package.

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