One of the best decisions I ever made

By bluedogweb

This review is long overdue but I’m just so happy to finally this. I’ve struggled with bad breath for at least 33 years. I tried everything I could but nothing seemed to work. I could always tell by reactions of others that there was a problem. I tried every trick in the book to hide my issue. It was no fun. I’ve read about The National Breath Center for a couple years at least. I kept putting it off until I received a series of emails from them. Well I finally decided enough was enough so called them. I spoke to Karin and made an appointment. The die was cast. After getting an assessment of where I stood it appeared there was a solution for me. Wow even for me! I was elated. I signed up and Bri worked hard with me to eliminate my problem. She and the team did it. I first rated a 4 out of 5 for bad breath. At the end I was 0. Zero! I was elated. I was traveling that week and tried to get close to salespeople or people serving in restaurants. I saw no reaction when I got close. I’ve not noticed anything since. I do the regiment that I received and keep at it. I’m so thrilled at the result. Thank you to Dr. Miller and the team. You folks are the best! If I ever need further maintenance I will not hesitate to visit again. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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