People would back away

By bluedogweb

*I have been a computer programmer for eight years now. I have immersed myself in every aspect of my field so I could be a valued employee for the company that hired me. But when I went on interviews, people started backing away or covering their noses. After four interviews for which I was greatly qualified, I got up the courage to just come out and ask the recruiter why I did not get hired. He hesitated, but told me that it was my breath. So I turned to the Internet to learn what I could and found that you had written the first book on bad breath in 1995. I tracked you down, and you were kind enough to talk directly with me. So, I decided to make the trip from California. I can only say that your cure and your protocol have changed my life. I am now employed by a Fortune 500 company all because I can confidently meet and talk with people. With bad breath no longer an obstacle, they are even listening to me. Thank you for caring and all you have done.

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