popular bad breath remedies don't work

6 Reasons Why Popular Breath Remedies Just Don’t Work

By Richard Miller

With Americans spending over $1 billion annually on products promising to blast away bad breath, it is clear to see that having a clean, fresh mouth is very important us. But did you know that virtually all popular bad breath remedies like those minty mouthwashes, pocket breath strips/sprays and even the dazzling toothpastes speckled with icy hot breath fresheners don’t get rid of bad breath?  Here are six reasons why these popular breath remedies fail to deliver.

  1. They do not kill oral bacteria that are the root cause of  bad breath. While they may be disinfectants good for wiping down surfaces, the bacteria they target are not the oral bacteria that cause the problems — despite the astringent feeling that some create.
  2. They do not neutralize the odors of bad breath. Most popular breath products only cover up the noxious odor of bad breath and do nothing for the cause.
  3. They contain sugars that create more bad breath. Sugars are dissolved into highly acidic by-products which create more bad breath.
  4. The acid level in the products does not match the saliva level. Acid levels must be balanced—not too acid, not too alkaline or overgrowth of bacteria can result. In addition, highly acidic saliva makes one very prone to gum disease.
  5. They use chemicals like phenol that strongly dry the mouth. Dry mouth can be a major cause of bad breath/halitosis.
  6. They aren’t directly reducing bad breath. Some products like gum and mints can contain a high percentage of xylitol which is a sugar substitute with the unique property of stimulating saliva flow. So, while it may seem like the product is getting rid of the bad breath, it is really your increased saliva that is helping to restore the balance of the acids in your mouth.

What We Know About Bad Breath

In a nutshell, here’s what we know about bad breath/halitosis:

  • The primary cause of bad breath is bacteria.
  • These bacteria live inside the tongue coating, under the gums, and between the teeth.
  • Bacteria create volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s), the predominant odor of bad breath.
  • Eliminating the tongue coating (biofilm), gum problems and food traps eliminates bad breath.

Most mouthwashes, toothpastes and breath freshening products available do not have active ingredients that kill the halitosis-causing bacteria. Instead, they just cover up one odor with another, more pleasant one.

Introducing Active Chlorine Dioxide!

The best oral products for combatting bad breath are the ones that contain Active chlorine dioxide, like the Supreme Breath brand of mouthwash and toothpaste. These are specifically formulated to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath on contact and neutralize the odor of bad breath on contact. For more information on why active chlorine dioxide breath products are the most effective for eliminating the bacteria that causes bad breath, see my blog article, The Ideal Mouthwash and Toothpaste.


About the Author

Richard A. Miller, DDS is the founder and director of the National Breath Center located in Falls Church, VA. General dentist for over 30 years and author of two books, Beating Bad Breath(1993) and Beating Bad Breath -- The Cure!(2014), Dr. Miller has been helping thousands win their battle with chronic bad breath using his proven bad breath Total Cure professional treatment. Learn more at National Breath Center.