Supreme Breath™ Complete Bad Breath Elimination System



To those who have found Supreme Breath products helpful in controlling their bad breath: I want to thank you for purchasing our products. It is with reluctance that I must close this business due to the manufacturer refusing to make these products available to us. I recommend, instead, that you use ProFresh products available online. They are compatible with the Beating Bad breath Protocol, and we will be using them in our Halitosis Elimination Program® in our office. – Richard A. Miller DDS

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Supreme Breath Complete Bad Breath System

“It’s like buying  the mouthwash and getting everything else for FREE!”

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PROVEN Step-by-Step Instructions to ELIMINATE BAD BREATH!

Contains the MOST POWERFUL Products Available to successfully eliminate bad breath 

The only Tru-Active chlorine dioxide formulation available contained in the Supreme Breath™ mouthwash and toothpaste.  Instantly eliminates bad breath by destroying the odor-causing bacteria where they hide — on the tongue and between teeth — and neutralizes the odors of bad breath on contact. This clinical strength formulation is tough on odors, not on mouth tissue.

Complete instructions on how to use gauze for the best and most effective results to eliminate tongue odor. When combined with Supreme Breath mouthwash, you will be able to scrub and penetrate even deeper layers of bacterial coating, instead of only the top layer that tongue scrapers reach. Proven at the National Breath Center as the most effective way to eliminate tongue odors.

Beating Bad Breath — The CURE! contains the original Beating Bad Breath Protocol© — an easy to follow, step-by-step program, personally developed by Dr. Richard Miller over 20 years at the National Breath Center, so that anyone can successfully get rid of bad breath at home the most up-to-date information on chronic bad breath at your fingertips,

Supreme Breath™ Complete Bad Breath Elimination System contains:

  • 2 Sets Supreme Breath™ Tru-ACTIVE CL02 Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwash, a total of four bottles x 16 oz! (64 oz.)  — a $60 value — more than any competitor!
  • 1 Supreme Breath™ Tru-ACTIVE CL02 Chlorine Dioxide Toothpaste (6.4 oz.) — a $15 value
  • 400 Gauze Pads  — a $12 value
  • E-Book copy of Beating Bad Breath – THE CURE! — a $9.95 retail value. This book contains invaluable information on bad breath. Written by 25-year bad breath expert, Dr. Miller provides you with an easy, step-by-step program using the products contained in this system so you can successfully get rid of bad breath at home. No guessing on how to use the products! You’ll learn what to do, how to do it, when to do it and even how to modify the program to fit your lifestyle.
  • Best overall value when compared to other professional strength breath kits.

IMPORTANT: Supreme Breath products sold by the National Breath Center are for use in the oral cavity only and are NOT meant to be swallowed or taken as a treatment for any medical problem. Consult your physician before taking any product as treatment.

Supreme Breath Complete Bad Breath System

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