Professional Bad Breath Cure

The only professional bad breath cure that removes the direct cause of bad breath at the source. The bad breath Total Cure is a clinical treatment that:

  • meticulously and painlessly removes thick tongue coating causing bad breath
  • does not rely on a regimen of products to succeed
  • is backed by our money-back guarantee

At the conclusion of your personalized treatment program you will have no discernible bad breath.  You can get the bad breath Total Cure by halitosis expert, Dr. Richard A. Miller at the National Breath Center located in Falls Church, VA – the only treatment center of its kind that offers a money-back guarantee on professional bad breath treatment.

professional bad breath treatment explained

Is the Total Cure Right For You?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, Dr. Richard Miller’s Professional Bad Breath Total Cure is most likely the answer you are searching for to get rid of your bad breath for good.

  • Do you suffer from chronic bad breath?
  • Is bad breath negatively affecting your personal or professional life?
  • Have you tried virtually every bad breath treatment with no success?
  • Are you tired of living with chronic bad breath?

No matter what you have tried, you should know that chronic bad breath is completely curable with Dr. Richard Miller’s professional bad breath Total Cure.

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What is the Total Cure?

Dr. Richard Miller’s bad breath Total Cure is an in-office treatment plan that removes the direct causes and odors of chronic bad breath/halitosis. This is a manual removal process performed by expert halitosis doctor, Richard A. Miller. The bad breath Total Cure is very different than treatment from other bad breath doctors where the ‘cure’ is purely product-based. Products will never completely eliminate the root source of the problem, which is why you will be dependent on them forever. Our expert, professional treatment involves the following:

  • An Initial Examination. This is a comprehensive examination which typically lasts about 90 minutes. To determine the extent of one’s problem, Dr. Miller performs four different tests considered to be the gold standard for gauging the severity of bad breath. In addition, comprehensive tooth and gum examinations are done to determine all the factors contributing to an individual’s bad breath.
  • Treatment Plan.  At the same visit, bad breath specialist Dr. Richard Miller will use his 20+ years knowledge and experience to develop a personalized Total Cure treatment program. Treatment plans vary by patient based on the severity of the problem. It is important for the individual to understand the causes of their breath problem, how they can be cured and how they can maintain control after treatment.
  • Total Cure Process. The Total Cure treatment process involves painlessly removing the tongue biofilm (coating) and treating the gums for bleeding and any gum disease resulting in a total elimination of bad breath. The number of visits to complete varies depending on factors like the severity of the odor and thickness of the biofilm. When complete, you will have no discernible bad breath.
  • After Treatment.  We make sure each individual cured is as self-sufficient as possible to prevent bad breath from returning. Dr. Miller will review easy-to-follow maintenance methods for preventing bad breath from ever returning.

At the end of your bad breath Total Cure, you will have no discernible bad breath using the four scientific tests we use at the initial examination. We offer a money-back guarantee on our treatment.

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Our Total Cure is straightforward: no discernible bad breath using the four tests we use at the initial examination to diagnose halitosis. If we have not achieved that goal, we add extra treatment at no charge until we are successful.

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Patient Testimonial

professional breath cure testimonialI was in about six months ago for the halitosis examination. You showed me the coating on my tongue, did the gauze tests, and checked for gum problems. The sulfide monitor showed a number that was definitely in the severe range. You helped me understand that my problem had been building up layer by layer on my tongue and gums over many years. I did not make up my mind that day as I wanted to do some more research and called a number of dentists around the country and found that they would only use mouthwashes and other products to treat my problem. Urged on by my husband I came back a few weeks later. At the end of the treatment, you demonstrated how far I had come with every test showing I had been cured. While it looked good, I was a bit skeptical. That is, until I got home. My husband was ecstatic when he smelled my breath and decided to take me out to dinner to celebrate.

— Vivian S.

Are You Ready For the Total Cure?

No matter what you have tried in the past, bad breath IS completely curable. If you are tired of being robbed of a happy, fulfilling life with family, friends and on the job, don’t let bad breath control your life any longer.  At the National Breath Center, we are curing individuals suffering from mild to extremely severe halitosis every day. For those who may not be ready for Dr. Miller’s professional cure, we recommend our at-home bad breath treatment.

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Patient Testimonial

professional bad breath cure testimonialIt’s been three weeks since I last saw you and I never thought I’d be writing a “thank you” email for bad breath. But having resigned myself to “living with the problem” I came across one of your articles and decided to come see you — no easy feat from St. Louis, MO. Going out of your way to accommodate your schedule to my trip was much more than expected. Your kindness and understanding put me at ease on the first day and helped me believe you could cure my problem. I wanted to tell you that I cannot thank you enough for giving me my confidence back.

— Monica M.

What About Insurance?

Because dental and medical insurance looks upon this serious condition as a “cosmetic” procedure, much of halitosis treatment is not covered by health and dental insurance. However, at the National Breath Center, we will work with you to submit all covered treatments and procedures to your insurance company to maximize your benefits. The thousands of patients that have been cured by Dr. Richard Miller’s bad breath Total Cure would unanimously agree that being totally free from the effects of bad breath was worth their investment.

Travel Accommodations

Because the National Breath Center is the only treatment center of its kind that guarantees total elimination of bad breath, many seeking a cure for bad breath travel to our Falls Church, VA office. If you are coming to the National Breath Center from out out town, we can assist you with travel arrangements including local accommodations and/or transportation to our Falls Church, VA office. Simply contact our new patient coordinator for travel information.

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