I’m so thankful I found

By bluedogweb

I’m so thankful I found your website! I tried the product and it didn’t seem to be working, that’s because I wasn’t doing it right. I followed the correct way to do it and it worked!! I am so much happier! I have never seen my tongue red. Ever. My mouth usually tastes gross and now well not sure I’m not used to this! Lol. I’ve always been afraid to talk to people without gum or mints in my mouth or get close to anyone. I still get afraid, I guess this will come in time. I have tried everything, therabreath, coconut oil pull, charcoal, etc. I go to the dentist regularly. I brush and floss constantly, nothing worked. I still worry about my breath but I think it’s because Ive been dealing with this since I was 15 and I’m now 50. I do the regimen constantly throughout the day. I hope it stays this way. I wish I was closer to the company so I could see Dr. Miller and actually cure it. It’s so funny I go look in the mirror just to look at my tongue now to see if it’s red! I love that! I just can’t believe it. It’s a miracle.

Thank you so much!! You’re the best!!

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