I can’t believe I’m writing

By bluedogweb

I can’t believe I’m writing to you so soon!!! Over 20 years of having bad breath I thought this was my last try for a cure! I’ve done therabreath, pro fresh, herbs, peroxide and baking soda, all types of mouth washes….you name it I’ve tried it. Even charcoal!! Essential oils, coconut oil pulling. Long story short…I found you on facebook. Saved the info and finally decided enough is enough! I went to ENT, had camera in my stomach to see if maybe I had cancer in there. I had to just try for myself! I flew in Monday 12/12/16 for seen by Dr. Miller. I instantly felt comfortable! April was such a wonderful person and made me laugh and feel at ease. I got checked out….followed up next day. (I have to admit not so happy this morning since I was instructed not to brush, no gum, no mouth wash!) good thing I could walk from hotel I stayed at. I got 2 treatments of tongue rejuvenation. Got mouth cleaned….and Dr. Miller took out a tonsil stone I had in the back of my throat! I flew out that Thursday morning! Husband came to pick me up with 2 other people who for one this young boy would ALWAYS cover his nose! He didn’t this time!!! I went to see this business partner who always does the same thing. I was sooo confident I was sitting up close! Me!!! What people don’t know is it was so bad I can’t tell you all the things that were done to me! One time I went to the grocery store and bought some things. The cashier literally picked up a toothpaste and said, Here – For free!!!! I have to give God the praise and glory!!!! I prayed, I seeked, I was reading Mathew 8;3! And God healed me!!! I am so grateful and excited to finally live my life to the fullest!

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