Cured after 20+ years of halitosis

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*My name is Patrick. I am fifty-nine years old and hail from Liberia, on the west coast of Africa. I am pleased to share my life experience as regards living with Halitosis. Which I may guess dates back as far as in the early 1980’s when one of my best friends offered me toothbrush. Halitosis is not something that one expects or anticipates to be afflicted with. Hence, during my course of life I had confidence in my breath until l started seeing body languages, or body defense mechanisms, such as many stepping backwards, putting their hands to their nose(s) while in conversation with me. Others offered me mints, gum, while the ones that smoke will immediately light a cigarette if they have to engage me in a conversation, whether they felt like smoking or not. These were all signs that something was wrong with my breath, from the early 1980’s to March 09th 2016, when I got cured of my severe halitosis by Dr Richard Miller DDS. I don’t remember anyone, be they a friend, family member, wife, any of my children, or work mate(s) ever said something to me about my bad breath. But simply resorted to body defense mechanism as mentioned above.

A best friend of mine during the early 80’s offered me a toothbrush, with no justification, buttressed with laughter. I took note of his action towards me, felt humiliated but didn’t say a word to him. During my studies at the University of Liberia, where I graduated from in 1983, two of my classmates extended me an offer, of us studying in group. I didn’t care much about it cause all along I studied all by myself. They persuaded me that it was an easier way of studying. As we discuss the subject matter in group and move on to various topics etc. I reluctantly accepted the offer. We met as planned. As we began discussion in a tiny bedroom. When I tried to  explain something they both stared at each other. I guess it was my foul breath. I immediately  began to start suspecting that something was wrong with my breath. I decided not to do much talking. We  proceeded with me being silence the rest of the study period. After that study class that night, I didn’t get any more offers to study in the group. In 1983 I completed my studies and started working as a Budget Analyst. We were three in our accounting office. In no time my bad breath was discovered. The usual defense mechanism was at play very often if I had to interact with anyone one of them. The word spread very quickly, and secretly that I had bad breath. I live with it in their midst, though I was miserable.

I later sought greener pastures with another company as an inventory accountant. Again, in no time my bad breath was discovered. I thought of tackling it by seeing Dr Jupiter, one of Liberia’s best dentists at the time. At the time I suffered multiple toothaches. Hence I  assumed that was what that was causing my bad breath. I met with Dr. Jupiter, told him my problem of bad breath, and in my lay man view attributed the problem to my toothaches. He extracted, I guess two of my tooth, with the toothache and gave me permanent filling of two of my other teeth from going bad. I left from his office,  with high degree of confidence in my breath. But that didn’t solve anything. In no time in the accounting pool office, I was code named horrible, terrible, followed by laughter at the background. I had no choice but to live with it, until I traveled to the United States in July 2000. I lodged with my sister and her husband in the state of Virginia. I guess they did figure me out but as usual it’s a taboo subject. Hence, no one said nothing but to resort to their defense mechanism.

After some time of staying with them, I moved on my own in the state of Maryland. I continue to work construction, where I still work. The most painstaking litmus test was as I went from project to protect without any one knowing me there I was figured out, and the word spread quickly as bush fire. Thus  isolation began, as they put up their guards. They don’t hate me, but they have been for warned not to smell that bad breath of mine. In meetings they pray I don’t make any comment(s). They wink eyes to the ones sitting closer to  me not to start any conversation with me or entertain any conversation from me. I knew,  hence I will sit mouth shut ears open against my will. If I was constraint to make a  comment they will  quickly come in and say they agree with what I was saying just to have me silence. And the ones sitting beside me will be psychologically reacting like they’re going out of breath by keeping their hands to their noses. Sometimes the over reaction paints you very ugly in the eyes of all those that are avoiding you and it scares them away further. This went on for years, I even saw another dentist to hopefully address the problem, but it was to no avail.

I reluctantly decided to do a Google search on bad breath. When Dr. Richard Miller’s information came out I read the literature and I could feel it that this is where I need to be. Besides the literature, the organization name, National Breath Center is self explanatory that this is where I need to be. I dialed their tel. number and got in touch with Karin. I was overwhelmed with the level of professionalism and warm reception. They were booked all through I think up to April. With patience as people called to cancel due to reasons beyond their control I was lucky to have had a schedule that commenced  partly in February 2016 and ended on March 09th 2016. It was a professional, wonderful, friendly atmosphere, of treatment with Dr Richard Miller, DDS, and his staff. Before cure, my breath reading of the Halimeter read 223. A range that indicates severe halitosis. After the  tongue rejuvenation, teeth cleaning of plague including flossing, my Halimeter reading read 51. Reducing into the range of undiscernible odor, which Ranges from 0 to 100. As I write, my oral hygiene has improved since I got cured of my halitosis. Thus keeping my breath fresh till I pay a follow up visit after three months.  With the use of the toothpaste, mouthwash, and flossing of my teeth daily.  I am very optimistic my Halimeter reading will always read between 0-100. Heartiest thanks to you Dr. Richard Miller DDS, and your professional and friendly staff.

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