The value of no longer being afraid was worth the cost

By bluedogweb

*Until a year ago, I had so much embarrassment in my life from my bad breath that I thought I was doomed to suffer in silence with a problem that no one else knew how serious it was ruining my life. I was a loner caused by a condition that I was told, “wasn’t there”, “it’s all in your head”, “you’re making too much out of it”. Or worse, “do better oral hygiene” because everyone knows bad breath is caused by a dirty mouth. When I brought it up with friends and even my sister and mother, they were too “polite”, if that’s the correct word, to tell me.

Meanwhile, even my family could not hide their reactions. It was common place for people to go into defensive mode when I approached. Putting their fingers under their nose, turning away, I even added to it because I was so afraid of offending everyone, I talked with my hand in front of my mouth while I tried to live with the occasional comment behind my back, like “Doesn’t she know she has bad breath?”

One day at work, I found a book hidden underneath a bunch of papers. It was titled “Beating Bad Breath – The Cure”. Of course, I had been living with bad breath since middle school when a friend just blurted out “Your breath stinks”. While that left a huge hole within me, because my parents did not understand, I had to go through high school and college with no relief.

When I got my first job, about 10 years ago, I used part of my first salary to buy a whole set of products advertised on the internet as a cure. But they weren’t. They did work somewhat but I needed to use them every 3-4 hours. So I thought I had at least found a way to control my problem. But then, about two months later, they stopped working. The research I was doing implied that maybe my bacteria were getting used to the products. So I bought more and more professional strength bad breath mouthwashes but after a time, they stopped working. I even tried alternating them, but it was no use. I did my best to resign myself to offending others and living alone.

Then I decided to call the author of the book, Dr. Richard Miller DDS. I spent a lot of time talking with Karin, the breath counselor and she could not have been nicer. She told me that my problem was seen almost every day at their office and reassured me that if my bad breath could be cured, Dr. Miller would be able to do it. So I decided to take the plunge.

I reserved a time for diagnosis and treatment and flew to Dr. Miller’s office. To make a very detailed story short, Dr. Miller diagnosed my problem and began to treat it that same day. Within the first few days I noticed a big difference and by the time treatment was over I passed all the tests I had miserably failed during the diagnostic visit. I left with a tremendous boost to my confidence. And when I returned three months later to get checked, I was doing great.

Before I recommend Dr. Miller and his treatment, let me say two things. First, at the beginning I thought it was a bit too expensive for me as I work in an office. But after three days, I knew it was worth it. The fears of being close to people evaporated as the treatment progressed. Second, my life has changed so much that I can recommend Dr. Miller and the National Breath Center for anyone who has a long standing problem with their breath as I did without reservation. So, for me, the value of no longer being afraid of being close to people was worth the cost. And now, almost one year later, I am celebrating a promotion and a new boyfriend. Thanks to all the people at the National Breath Center.

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