Tongue Rejuvenation — Total Elimination of Bad Breath

By Richard Miller

If you are one of the estimated 50% of the adult population who suffers from chronic bad breath, finding a lasting cure could be life-changing. The simple reason bad breath keeps coming back is because most “cures” only cover up the problem. The source of bad breath must be eliminated. Since the tongue is the single biggest culprit contributing to chronic bad breath, I want to share with you how my Tongue Rejuvenation program can produce a cure for chronic bad breath that can be maintained for life.

Why Our Tongues Cause So Much Bad Breath

Our tongues are the single largest area that collects bacteria and debris in the mouth. As time passes this bacteria and debris forms a coating on the tongue, called a biofilm, which results in chronic bad breath and even gum disease. The biofilm is like an independent community living inside your mouth.

It has its own food supply made up of food debris, dead skin and blood cells from inflamed gums and mucous from your throat – all of which provide an excellent source of protein for the bacteria to feed on and thrive. And these bacteria don’t even need air to survive. This means the bacteria inside the biofilm coating have likely been living there for years emitting noxious odors and destructive sulfur gases – the very ones that cause bad breath and gum disease! In fact, the longer the coating has been present, the thicker it is, and the larger it is on the tongue, the more odorous and destructive it is.

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Why Tongue Scraping Doesn’t Work

This biofilm coating is interwoven among over 9,000 taste buds on our tongue. This makes it very difficult to remove with the commonly prescribed tool – the tongue scraper. Since a tongue scraper can only remove the top layers of the biofilm (which amounts to only a few days’ worth), this method will have little effect on someone suffering with chronic bad breath. Total removal of this biofilm layer can only be done by mechanical means.

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Tongue Rejuvenation – Removing Bad Breath at its Source

Tongue Rejuvenation is the recommended technique to remove this stubborn biofilm coating. Why? Because it is the only procedure that can reach down to the very base of the tongue — where hidden layers of bacteria and debris are wreaking havoc. Tongue Rejuvenation is a painless technique that removes the bacteria and debris at their source, restoring the tongue to its natural state and curing halitosis. Patients have termed this “power washing” the tongue. Tongue rejuvenation is so effective that with proper home maintenance techniques, you will be able to keep bad breath from coming back.

About the Author

Richard A. Miller, DDS is the founder and director of the National Breath Center located in Falls Church, VA. General dentist for over 30 years and author of two books, Beating Bad Breath(1993) and Beating Bad Breath -- The Cure!(2014), Dr. Miller has been helping thousands win their battle with chronic bad breath using his proven bad breath Total Cure professional treatment. Learn more at National Breath Center.