professional bad breath treatment

Why Professional Treatment of Bad Breath is the Only Lasting Cure

By Richard Miller

Did you know that the absolute cause of bad breath is bacteria that produce odor-causing compounds and gum disease? The places these bacteria live in our mouths are called biofilms on the tongue, around the teeth and under the gums. And, like most bacteria, over time it becomes highly resistant to the traditional treatment methods we use for fresher breath such as mouthwashes, gum and mints. Let’s see why.

Tongue BioFilm : Layers of Odor-Causing Bacteria

Taste buds make up the majority of the surface area on our tongues. How the taste buds are distributed on our tongue determines the depth and quantity of the bacterial biofilm. In many people these coatings, which range in color from white to brownish-black, have been piling on as microscopic layers over years or even decades making professional removal necessary for a cure.

By using the Tongue Rejuvenation technique — a painless and highly effective treatment, the biofilm can be eliminated. That is, there will be no more tongue coating and no discernible odor measured by the Halimeter (the instrument we use to measure sulfur compounds in the mouth) and the other tests we use to gauge bad breath.

Bleeding Gums Harbor Bad Breath
To effectively cure bad breath we must also eliminate the bacteria that cause bleeding and gum disease.  While inside the tiny blood vessels within the gums themselves, the blood cells are alive. Once minor inflammation occurs, these tiny blood vessels break, letting these blood cells out which die and serve as food for the odor and gum disease-causing bacteria.

It is the bleeding that is important in halitosis and is also part of the vicious cycle of gum disease. Thus, a total cure must also treat the bleeding areas and help each person eliminate them from their own mouths. Non-surgical treatment of gum disease and bleeding can eliminate this factor and serve as an alternative to surgery in many cases of advanced disease.

Bad Breath Caught Between Your Teeth!

Think of it this way:  When food gets trapped between the teeth, the bacteria that are covered up and protected begin digesting the food, leading to more bacterial action, inflammation, gum destruction and offensive smell.  Multiply this by the number of times you eat and all the places it occurs and you can understand how these spaces to contribute to halitosis. What causes these bacteria-breeding spaces and food traps? Fillings or crowns that do not fit properly, decay, small spaces between the teeth, and missing teeth all fit the bill. By attending to these problem areas, total fresh breath can be achieved.

Professional treatment can create a lasting cure with no discernible bad breath and will eliminate these three bacterial breeding grounds.  And the best part? It can be maintained by everyone!

About the Author

Richard A. Miller, DDS is the founder and director of the National Breath Center located in Falls Church, VA. General dentist for over 30 years and author of two books, Beating Bad Breath(1993) and Beating Bad Breath -- The Cure!(2014), Dr. Miller has been helping thousands win their battle with chronic bad breath using his proven bad breath Total Cure professional treatment. Learn more at National Breath Center.