The Bad Breath Total Cure

Bad breath is caused by bacteria that produce odor-causing compounds and gum disease. The key to totally eliminating bad breath is to remove the source of the problem — the bacteria. For many individuals, the use of bad breath products will temporarily reduce the odors and even kill some of the bacteria. But, after years of chronic bad breath, even the strongest products will be no match for the tenacious bacteria that has built up on the tongue and even under the gums.

The Total Cure results in a lasting solution to the socially crippling problem of chronic bad breath.

Dr. Richard Miller Explains the Total Cure

At the National Breath Center, bad breath doctor Richard A. Miller, DDS is eliminating chronic bad breath with his professional Total Cure treatment by removing bad breath at its source. From the complimentary breath consultation to the initial halitosis examination and finally the Total Cure procedure, our team is committed to every detail to ensure that the cure is 100% successful for you.

The Total Cure — In Depth

  1. Tongue Biofilm Removal

    Taste buds make up the majority of surface area on our tongues and the  individual  anatomy determines the size, depth, quality, and tenaciousness of its coating, or biofilm as it is scientifically called. These coatings have been piling on microscopic layer by layer over years or even decades to create a biological entity of its own, an ecosystem called a biofilm. The biofilm contains live organisms (bacteria) and all the material, conditions, and food necessary to keep it alive indefinitely. In Breath Odors, the definitive text on halitosis for professionals, the authors state, “These oral biofilms … are highly resistant to rinsing, washing, detergents, and even antibiotics” … which is  “why mechanical cleaning procedures such as brushing and cleaning of dental and oral surfaces” are the only means of removal. Thus, there are biofilms on the tongue (coating) and biofilms around the teeth (plaque). Using Tongue Rejuvenation, a proprietary technique that is painless, we can return someone’s tongue to health—no coating and  no discernible odor measured in four different ways.  In addition, we can eliminate the gum factors that are the second major cornerstone of bad breath. We can create 99% success with no discernible bad breath.  And it can be maintained by everyone!

  2. Bleeding Gums

    Very little emphasis has been made in the dentist’s office about bleeding gums vs. gum disease. Most dental offices only begin treatment when people have lost bone (gum disease) instead of stopping it from occurring at the bleeding stage. Certainly, studies have been done that show halitosis gets better when any kind of gum disease is treated.  But for the purposes of a bad breath cure, bleeding, with or without bone loss, are a major food that bacteria exist upon.  While inside the small blood vessels in the gums themselves, the blood cells are alive; once minor inflammation occurs, these tiny blood vessels break and let out these blood cells as well as let the bacteria into the blood stream. It is the bleeding that is important in halitosis as well as any more serious gum problem. Thus, our cure must treat the bleeding areas as well as any gum disease and help each person prevent it from returning and initiating the bacteria-odor cycle.

  3. Food Traps and other dental conditions

    Think of it this way:  When food gets trapped between the teeth, the immediate reaction of the body from the bacteria that are covered up under the gums and protected by the food and debris packed on top, is inflammation which causes bleeding that feeds the bacteria.  So, if not corrected, there is a constant supply of dead blood cells, debris, food, and odor-causing bacteria that never leaves. Multiply this by the number of times it happens and all the places it occurs, and you can understand the constant vicious cycle of these food traps to halitosis. Throughout his years curing bad breath, the biggest culprits that Dr. Miller has seen are fillings or crowns that do not fit properly.  If you have any areas of food traps, bring them to the attention of your dentist. They are not “normal” and do not exist in a healthy mouth. If it is due to fillings or crowns not being tight enough causing food to get trapped, it needs correction. The Total Cure to eliminate halitosis, closes the areas where food gets trapped.

  4. Dry Mouth & Saliva Enhancement

    In Beating Bad Breath – THE CURE, we discussed dry mouth and its importance in bad breath. At the National Breath Center, we always recommend a dry mouth patch to wear during the day and night. It does not interfere with any other part of our protocol or home maintenance, but can be a big help even  if one does not have a noticeable saliva deficiency. The more saliva there is to wash away bacteria and oxygenate the odors, the less prominent the breath problem.

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