Worth every dollar I spent

By bluedogweb

*I have had bad breath for years and I’m only 28. I have tried everything imaginable. I have spent a lot of money on mouthwashes that promise relief, home remedies, herbs, and doctors and dentists. I went to the ENT doctor to see if I had tonsil stones and he found nothing. I saw a stomach doctor and she ran a number of tests but couldn’t find anything. I still have bad breath and it is getting worse. I was planning on meeting my long distance boyfriend but I really don’t want him to find out about my problem. That is what drove me to see you. Your breath counselor was most kind and answered all my questions and reassured that you were more than just a place that gave out mouthwash and toothpaste. So I decided to use some of my savings and fly to your office. I was not disappointed. From the first few minutes Dr. Miller put me at ease and told me that if I had treatment, I would be cured. Things were a bit “hairy” with my gag reflex, but Dr. Miller got the work done in the predicted time. I left for home with new found confidence and did meet my friend. I want to thank all the team at the National Breath Center. I would not be who I am without your help. I can only hope that someone will see this testimonial and follow through. Whatever your problem and whatever you have to go through to get there and have the treatment done, you will emerge a new person. It was worth every dollar I spent and would recommend it to any one with bad breath.

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