My wife couldn’t handle it after 20 years

By bluedogweb

*Where to begin. At age 13 it started. I’m now 52 and really challenge myself on if I can endure this much longer. I am a SUPER clean person, educated, extremely nice, polite, well dressed, jog 3 miles a day and told I’m handsome. People WANT me to succeed, but their support can only go so far. I’ve been terminated from jobs (bank manager) due to employee complaints. I’ve always treated my employees with utmost respect and support, but how can they follow a leader with such offensive breath. I am divorced, my ex wife just couldn’t handle it after 20 years. I have become a recluse, and find my days doing anything I can to avoid close contact with people who WANT to be around me, but I just can’t put them through it and lose their friendship. I’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun and spent thousands on ‘cures’ I am truly at the end of this.

This was my story until I called your office and came in for treatment. After the Tongue Rejuvenation procedures, I have been bad breath free for over one year. I am planning to come back in for a checkup in the near future, but just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!. You gave me my life back.

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